“get together”

colonization did a number on us–dividing us and sub-dividing us into smaller and smaller groupings around race and faith and class and gender and…. in time, we became use to the small group of winners in that game setting terms for the rest of us.

it’s the oddest thing.  we’ve become so use to it that it’s how we work and how we play and how we worship and how we organize and how we govern ourselves, even though we have all this great language about “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” “we hold these truths to be self evident that all… are created equal,” but we continue to act as if some are a bit more equal than others.

the thing is we don’t have to.  we can change the dynamic.  we can live in solidarity with each other.  we are indeed stronger together.  we just have to learn what that means: how to be united.

it’s not enough to be absolutely convinced mentally of justice for all, violence toward none, being our siblings’ keepers. we have to stop doing the same divisive things expecting unifying results.

getting people together is intrinsic to everything we do. is your community finally ready to live in solidarity with all its stakeholders?

“get together” | “grow together” | “go together”