“a future by design, not by default.”
~rob evans, collaborative design expert


collabyrinth enables your social enterprise, ngo, non-profit, school, faith org or other community of goodwill to increase the impact, deepen the meaning, or expand the common good of the work you do.

the design-based collaborative problem-solving we provide clients—in other words, the space we create to design together a better future—typically comes in three forms:

catalytic interaction | COLLABYRATORIES

collabyratories are facilitated design sessions that help you…
vision cast
find alignment
achieve consensus
stress test new ideas and prototypes

strategy innovation | COLLABYREAKTHROUGHS

collabyreakthroughs are protracted facilitations that produce new opportunities for historically marginalized communities to have more options than always trying to integrate into spaces not designed for their success. collabyreakthroughs produce fresh possibilities through…
thought partnership
success coaching
rapid prototyping
stakeholder interviews
process documentation
needs assessments
asset mapping
network development
establishing new thought leaders
project franchising

change tools | COLLABYRAPPS

collabyrapps are client-specific devices for developing new habits through…


video editing | in-house or with trusted media colleagues
graphic recording | courtesy of trusted graphic facilitation colleagues
explainer videos | courtesy of trusted animation colleagues
music and voice-overs | courtesy of award-winning production colleagues
professional photography | courtesy of colleagues at Heather James Photography
marketing and brand development | courtesy of colleagues at the kool source and strutAGENCY