Throughout 2022, Collabyrinth partnered with Auburn Theological Seminary to offer a series of accountability circles to, first, state-level justice leaders, then Black men leaders from all walks of life, and finally clergy at historically white settler churches, who are leading their congregations in reparations work. All three circles used the Truth & Transformation Model to frame their bi-weekly digital gatherings for a duration of 6 months.

Auburn has been a tremendous partner in field testing the UnLearn InEquity methodology. We also want to shout-out Beautiful Ventures for hosting two of the circles in their gorgeous digital home known as The Dark Tower, a virtual homage to Madame CJ Walker’s Harlem Renaissance brownstone.

Sara Burlingame was one of the state-level justice leaders. She heads Wyoming Equality, a queer justice organization working intersectionally across LGBTQIA, race, gender, and class issues. She is also a former member of the Wyoming state legislature. She had very kind words to offer about the role of her circle in a very challenging time (going as far as to confer upon Melvin a doctorate he has not earn, but nonetheless appreciates). Her testimony speaks to the ability of the circles not just to teach, but to heal and protect.

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