“all models are wrong, but some are useful.”
~george box, statistician


what if we treated all the -isms of inequity—racism, sexism, queerantagonism… even ecological disregard—as social addictions? that was the question collabyrinth principal consultant melvin bray posed to himself, as he watched in disgust as white nationalists rioted in charlottesville, VA, in august of 2017.

think of Truth & Transformation (even beloved community) as a spiraling staircase climbing toward a more just society. each major move depicted is foundational to the ones above it

UnLearn InEquity is collabyrinth‘s answer to that question. UnLearn InEquity is a “treatment” process for persons committed to detoxing from the supremacist logics and systems of inequity to which we have been socially addicted. UnLearn InEquity is the plan that communities of goodwill need to create lasting culture change around issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

the process of unlearning inequity involves two key elements, steps and accountability. unlearners use the 12-Step Truth & Transformation Model (formally the Beloved Community 12-Step Model) to chart their course of growth. each step challenges you to both personal and structural work.

unlearners also build circles of accountability to persons committed to the same equitable ends and to persons most impacted by inequity. as Step 2 says, the path to equity cannot be walked alone. the right support network is crucial to keeping you on the path, doing the work.

collabyrinth offers multiple services to help organizations design and implement a customized UnLearn InEquity process:

from strategic planning to skills training to new systems design, collabyrinth can help you structurally enact each of the steps of the Truth & Transformation Model so that equity/diversity/inclusion becomes no longer addendum, but the lens through which you fulfill your organizational mission.

from org-wide equity advisory to 1-on-1 leadership coaching to coordination of accountability circles and training of hosts, collabyrinth can help you build the various levels of accountability your organization needs to see change through to completion.

contact us to discuss your unique situation, and learn how we can help you achieve the better you are looking for.