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there are plenty of movement organizations doing campaign work that invites participants into better communal practices. in fact, they are often many of the same ones doing some of the best critical analysis work as well:

faith matters – a place to plug in for various forms of faith-rooted justice

southerners on new ground – a place to plug in for queer justice issues

sister song – a place to plug in for reproductive justice

mijente – a place to plug in for immigrant justice

PICO – a place to plug in for interfaith justice work around a variety of issues


“consciousness rider” – a rider that can be adapted by any speaker to be added to their contracts in order to set expectations for how event organizers must participate in the justice they claim

Brown Is the New White – a easy to understand analysis of the politics of the changing racial and progressive demographics in America and how to tap into this New American Majority.

other resources

ferguson syllabus

baltimore syllabus

charleston syllabus

lemonade syllabus

charlottesville syllabus

syllabus for white people to educate themselves