for help with developing a critical analysis, we recommend the ANTI-SUPREMACY PILGRIMAGE organized and guided by justice doula mickey scottbey-jones. this interactive journey allows participants to come to terms at their own pace with the logics of domination by which they have been shaped, in which they and those with whom they identify have been complicit, and in furtherance of which the structures and systems of western society have been organized. pilgrimages can be either virtual or destination. contact us for pricing.

Critical Analysis

1 - Admit that supremacist logic in sundry forms has been core to Western culture as a whole as well as in the development of my/our own particular nation, society, community, and sense of self, and that whereas we are powerless to control the people and the circumstances into which we are born and the ways they have shaped us before now, I/we do have power to change persistently inequitable outcomes wherever they appear.

I/We - You commit to it as "I;" you live it as "we".

Supremacist logic - (a.k.a. logic of domination) the basic notion "we gonna be on top". This double-dealing philosophy articulated in short or at length is operationalized by systems of inequity (injustice, oppression)–for example, racism, sexism (patriarchy, misogyny), heterosexism, queerantagonism, classism, ableism and ageism.

Equity - as differentiated from equality, that which brings historically marginalized/disadvantaged persons up to a comparable power to self-determine (even if it is more for some and less for others), not just that which creates the same recognition or opportunity across identity groups after generations of actively advantaging/privileging some.

Outcomes - material, economic, physical, emotional or spiritual impacts, not just thoughts or feelings.

1 - Builders of beloved community learn to accept that though supremacist logics pre-date them, they have power-to (agency) shift from power-over dynamics to power-with others.

It is important to note that traditional 12-step programs accentuate the principle of powerlessness. This has proven itself over many years to be key to personal/interpersonal addiction recovery. However, one of the structural ways in which supremacist logic has historically preserved its power is to place itself beyond the ability to address, in the category of "that's just the way it is" or "human nature". Whereas this model respects the role of powerlessness, it also emphasizes, as in the "Serenity Prayer," "the courage to change the things I can."

Rather than starting at the traditional "I need help," this model starts at "I want better."

2 - have come to believe that a Power greater than our- selves can and will empower us to beloved community, should I/we seek it.
Beloved Community - a metaphor for the positive political reality MLK believed was possible, even across social identity differences and despite negative histories. It includes unwavering commitments to equity, diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, ecology, basic human dignities and so on. Ideological resistance to any commitment that makes room for all creation is part of the addiction to being on top we are seeking to overcome.
2 - Builders of beloved community learn to accept that it's not simply human nature or divine intention to seek power-over others; however, unlearning those habits may well require strength that only comes in collaboration.
3 - Make the decision to continually turn my/our will and my life/our lives over to the care of community and God (as I/we understand God), and join God in seeking the good of others.
3 - Builders of beloved community learn to let go of the quest for more than enough, learn to accept limitations as just, and trust that in seeking the good of others they will find their own welfare.

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there are plenty of movement organizations doing campaign work that helps to promote an expanding critical analysis.  the following are a few of the ones doing most excellent work:

movement for black lives – new form activism that disrupts society’s ability to ignore police brutality

southerners on new ground – new form activism that disrupts society’s ability to ignore harm perpetrated against queer persons

soul force – new form activism that disrupts faith communities’ ability to ignore harm perpetrated against queer persons

mijente – new form activism that disrupts society’s ability to ignore harm perpetrated against immigrants

the center for prophetic imagination – teaches persons how to step into and call others to a radical prophetic Judaeo-Christian tradition that demands justice


doctrine of discovery – the historic moral authority given by the christian tradition to persons of European descent to colonize in perpetuity – explained in video by mark charles in short (8 min) | in detail (58 min). (trigger warning: in both videos, Charles does in passing raise a problematic and non sequitur challenge to women’s reproductive self-determination; however, this does not undercut the quality of his historical research.)

“the danger of a single story” – a TED Talk by Chimamanda Adiche

“i, racist” – a confessional reflections given by John Metta

White Rage – a brilliant and thorough thematic chronicling of the legal retaliations to every attempt at advancement for people of color in the United States, since the end of the Civil War

Stamped from the Beginning – the historical verification of why we can’t simply feel, think, or talk our way out of the racism we behaved our way into

other resources:

ferguson syllabus

baltimore syllabus

charleston syllabus

lemonade syllabus

charlottesville syllabus

syllabus for white people to educate themselves