“when melvin’s around, good things happen.”
~keisha mckenzie, chief program officer, auburn seminary


melvin bray is principal consultant of collabyrinth, llc. bray has extensive experience and training in equity/diversity/inclusion (across multiple social identities), collaborative problem-solving, innovation strategy, community organizing, curriculum/program development, discovery learning and sustainability. he has been the recipient of numerous awards, including an EMMY® (NATAS) for outstanding communications skill.

through collabyrinth, bray helps communities of goodwill design better systems and structures, policies and practices, that transform persistently inequitable outcomes into equitable ones. martin luther king, jr, famously referred to such a transformation as “beloved community”. collabyrinth’s unique contribution to beloved community (diversity, equity, inclusion, intersectionality, ecology, human dignity, etc) is helping clients do better (not just think, talk, or feel better) toward/with specific historically marginalized persons who are within their sphere of influence. the design-based collaborative problem-solving and discovery learning processes of collabyrinth’s work arouse solidarity, cultivate transformation and help persons of goodwill make progress together.

bray is deeply interested in facilitating change-makers’ efforts to build infrastructures for the success of those widely disenfranchised by mainstream systems and structures. he has served on several boards and committees, including Beautiful Ventures, Table to Action Atlanta, Kid Cultivators, the Wild Goose Festival, and the NonProfit Training Institute. over the years, bray has become incredibly skilled at helping communities get where they are trying to go. he has spent the bulk of his career as an educator and administrator in formal and informal education settings. he holds a bachelor of science degree in language arts education (1996) from oakwood university, and is author of the book BETTER: Waking Up to Who We Could Be (Chalice Press, 2017). as a curator, connector and collaborator of the highest order, bray brings to bear a unique skill-set that is indispensable in almost any change-making endeavor.